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Are Polarized Sunglasses Better For Your Eyes?

Are Polarized Sunglasses Better For Your Eyes?


Sunglasses are more popular than ever. Some people wear them to enhance their persona, whereas others use them as protective gear. No matter the reason, the usage of sunglasses is increasing at a rapid pace. To cater to the ever-increasing demand, many brands offer various types of sunglasses. Polarized sunglasses are a special mention in this context. While you can find many such sunglasses, some are better than others. You ought to depend on a reliable China sunglasses manufacturer-Fuqian to get custom sunglasses matching your specifics. Let’s find out what polarized eyeglasses are, how they work, and the benefits thereon.


What are polarized sunglasses?

First, let’s understand what polarization is. Essentially, it’s the capability of particular materials to block specific light/sun rays. When the sunlight hits a reflective surface, it becomes disoriented. The rays are deflected in various directions. When the reflected light comes in contact with your retina, it can cause stinging sensation and discomfort, commonly referred to as glare.

Polarized eyeglasses from a China sunglasses manufacturer block those light rays that don’t follow the natural linear pattern. By doing so, these custom sunglasses avoid the discomfort and stinging sensation caused to your retina. Let’s find out how these sunglasses do that.

How polarized sunglasses work?

Light scatters in all possible directions. However, when it gets reflected from flat surfaces, it becomes polarized. What does that mean? It simply means reflected light travels in a uniform direction horizontally. That leads to annoying and dangerous intensities of reflected light, which results in glare and reduces visibility.

Most custom sunglasses come with polarized lenses to resolve these issues. Polarized lenses consist of a special filter that can block the intensity of reflected light. So, how do polarized lenses do it? Essentially, they prevent the light glare from hitting your eyes directly. Vision happens whenever your peepers (eyes) perceive the light rays reflecting off an object.

Usually, this light gets scattered in some form before entering your peepers. It bounces off multiple angles due to the uneven surface of the object such as a rock or skin. With flat, smooth, and more reflective surfaces such as snow, metal, or water, light is a lot brighter. This is mainly because it reflects into your retina directly without getting scattered.

Custom sunglasses with polarized lenses include a coating of a special chemical. These lenses block some portion of that light while it gets to pass through them. Polarized lenses actually act as filters for reflected light that hits your retina. The filter is essentially vertical with polarized lenses. As a result, only some portion of the light gets to pass through their openings.

As glare is mostly horizontal light, polarized sunglasses block this horizontal light and only let vertical light. Due to the blocking of horizontal light, the amount of glare is reduced substantially. Only a little glare from vertical light enters your peepers. In a nutshell, polarized custom sunglasses from a reliable China sunglasses manufacturer blocks the glare from horizontal light and allows a small amount of glare from vertical light.


Why buy polarized sunglasses?

By this time, you know the working of these custom sunglasses. Now you’d like to get familiar with the perks of wearing them. Here are the popular benefits of buying these sunglasses from a trusted China sunglasses manufacturer.

Reduce Eye Strain

Reflected light puts a heavy strain on your eyes. This is even more correct when the light creates some glare on your vision. To do away with glare, your eyes sustain intense strain. As well as affecting your vision, eye strain causes many ill effects on your health. Headaches, nausea, and tiredness care common side effects stemming from eye strain. Polarized sunglasses overcome the glare effect. By doing so, these custom sunglasses reduce the strain your eyes incur.

Reduce Glare

When reflected light hits your retina, it creates blurry vision. If the blur is intense, it causes glare. It’s the glare that impacts your vision in the long run. The higher the glare, the higher the chances of eye issues will be. You need to resolve the glare effect. As explained above, custom sunglasses deflect the horizontal light. In the process, polarized sunglasses get rid of the resultant glare, which otherwise triggers many other issues.

Improve Vision

One of the main causes of poor vision is the lack of clarity. If you can’t see clearly, it’ll impact your retina over time. When this happens, the lenses of your eyes get affected and disturbed. Consequently, you face problems such as blurry vision, cataract, and myopia. Polarized sunglasses offered by a renowned China sunglasses manufacturer let you see clearly. By doing away with issues posed by reflected light, these custom sunglasses help your retina focus on any object clearly. This, in turn, leads to improved eyesight.

Enhance Your Persona

You might have seen people wearing goggles. Do all of them have some eye problems? No way! Most of them put on eyeglasses to tweak their personality. While most goggles and similar glasses let you achieve this goal, custom sunglasses are a far better option. Firstly, they come in a wide assortment of shapes and designs. Secondly, their lenses are available in varying shades. You can put on suitable-sized and colored polarized sunglasses matching your outfit to display your style statement.


Many people think that buying polarized sunglasses might be a costly proposition. They believe that a tight budget could keep them from owning these lovely and functional glasses. However, this isn’t the situation. If you check a reliable China sunglasses manufacturer, you can get the desired eyeglasses on a budget. Without burning your regular budget, you can buy a few pairs of sunglasses to enjoy their aesthetics and functionality.

The above discussion gives an insight into polarized sunglasses, how they work, and their benefits. In a nutshell, you can conclude that buying these custom sunglasses is beneficial to anyone, from common people to sporting individuals. Just be sure you turn to a well-known China sunglasses manufacturer-Fuqian. With a reliable brand by your side, there’s no reason why you can’t get high-quality sunglasses matching your requirements on a budget.

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