Arnette sunglasses are made for sports yet they

by:Fuqian     2020-07-12
Early sunglasses were developed to treat vision problems. The first effort to use sun glasses in the current form was during the early days of film. Since that time sunglass wearers have become concerned first with fashion and then with vision. Today the sunglass industry has come full circle. High government optical standards now exist. Requirements are set for the prevention of light transmission both from UVB and UVA in America. Rage. There's nothing like it. It's reminiscent of the beat generation. Sunglasses that make the wearer want to Howl. Rage comes in a wide array of frames and lens variations. Bongos and smoky bars characterized the stylish elite wearers during the heyday of this by now classic style. Those long ago coffee houses have been revived in recent years. Today's Arnette Girl line looks great during an open mike night session of poetry and coffee with friends. Wear tight black leggings and Rage in matte black with grey/green lenses. The memory of Alan Ginsberg reading Howl or Jack Karouac scribbling On The Road will be conjured. The sports enthusiast may want to wear something a little more enthusiastic like the Rage frame colors 'metal dark violetrose faded' and white to name just a few. Beach movies come to mind when wearing Rage. Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello could feel at home wearing these. Their celluloid images are forever lathering gallons of sun tan lotion and doing the twist while waiting for the next big wave. Polarized or non-polarized lenses with plastic frames are the backbone of Arnette sunglasses. Surfers or inline skaters will be glad that these trendy looks carry price tags that cost mostly around $100. None will be unfashionable in these wildly popular styles. High roller and mastermind are boxy styles that are anything but square this season. Upswept styles like Arnette #4051 takes us back to the days of beehives and pompadours. The Lock Down and the Lock Up are more like your father's sunglasses--if he wore aviators that is! Grand Dad's generation is more closely imitated though in Arnette sunglasses retro styles. Of course most lines are sporting a retro look these days but Arnette sunglasses styles closely resemble the mass marketed eyewear of the late 1950's and 1960's. Going new directions is the two-toned frame style Arnette Myth. For those ready to forge a new fashion trail the dark lavender with brown fade lens or purple fade with gray fade lens takes sunglasses into the future. Going to a sci-fi convention? This is your eyewear. Going on a fishing trip? Don't be left squinting at the sunrise. Try Arnette sunglasses style The Catfish with polarized polycarbonate lenses for 100% UV protection and non-glare vision in bright light. Read more........FashionXonline/Sunglasses Get Wholesale Sunglasses Here........ http://Www.FashionXonline.Co.Nz
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