As a tool of eye-protecting, polarized sunglasses

by:Fuqian     2020-06-25
Then how to choose polarized sunglasses? Here are some tips for you. lFrom the perspective color 1.Polarized lenses of light red or bright light can reinforce contrast ratio and vividness in dazzling glare. So they are very suitable for the activities on water or skiing etc. 2.Brown or coffee polarized lenses can enhance contrast ratio and is particularly good choice for drivers. 3.Amber, yellow or orange lenses are very suitable for cloudy days. They provide very clear vision but are not supposed to be worn in burning sunshine. 4.Grey or blackish green lenses can provide clear vision with the most natural color. So they are definitely a smart choice. When choosing colored polarized sunglasses, you should bear it in mind that the lenses won't distort the original color of the surrounding scene. So before you try them, have a look at the surrounding scene first, and remember its different colors. Then, put on the sunglasses and look at them again, making sure that the colors are not distorted. Otherwise, the distinguishing ability will be reduced. lFrom the perspective of properties 1.First, you must pay attention to the index of ultraviolet, which means the lenses must be very effective in filtering ultraviolet rays. 2.The lenses should be durable and won't be scratched easily. 3.The steadiness of the lenses should also be taken into consideration. That is to say, the lenses won't shrink easily with the change of the weather.
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