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by:Fuqian     2020-07-14
To tell a fake pair from an original one is quite difficult. But, if you follow these 5 steps, you'll easily differentiate authentic Coach sunglasses products from the fake ones: Step 1: Coach Logo One thing that you should notice right away about Coach sunglasses is that the real ones will have the Coach logos on the inside of the arms. To analyze the characteristics of authentic models which help you spot fake Coach sunglasses you can head to a Coach showroom. Step 2: Styles and features Various styles and features of Coach sunglasses must be studied through authentic catalogs. Know the style number for the sunglasses you're interested in and tally its style and features when you go to a shop. An authentic Coach sunglass pair would feature the Coach logo, style name, number and color inside the ear piece or the arms. This would help you deal with frauds who try to give you a fake one at a very low price. Step 3: Study and analyze the quality Study and analyze the quality of the sunglasses. Try to check the material used in it. If they seem to be too light weight, the logo, style name or number is withering out or the color is not uniform throughout the body then you can be sure you are in for a fraud! Step 4: Ensure the authentic case is intact Ensure that the dealer gives you the authentic Coach case embossed with the Coach logo or with the company logo embossed inside the top lid and the case covered with Coach fabric. Fake Coach sunglasses do not have any such case. They may come in clear plastic bags or a cloth pouch. Beware of dealers who make excuses of shortage of cases and promise handing over the case to you after the purchase. They can never do that because its fake. Step 5: Tally images of an original pair Click pictures of an original pair of Coach sunglasses and ask the dealer to show you pictures of his products. Tally both the images; you can make out a stark difference between the two. The style features and quality would be visibly different. The logo, interior ear pieces and identification or model number might be incorrect or might not even be present on the fake one. These simple steps can prove to be very useful in spotting a fake pair of Coach sunglasses and save yourself from frauds. Author Blog The Author of this article is an expert on the latest trends pertaining to Sunglasses. He has written many informative articles on various Sunglass brands such as Christian Dior Sunglasses, Bolly Sunglasses and Coach Sunglasses.More info at
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