As temperatures climb on a daily basis, various

by:Fuqian     2020-07-13
A paediatrics expert points out that children under 6 whose visual function has not reached full maturity are not supposed to wear sunglasses. They need more sunshine to stimulate the healthy development of their eyes. A long-time wearing of sunglasses will hinder visual development due to lack of stimulation of the macula. To make matters worse, it may lead to amblyopia. So if you want to buy a pair of sunglasses for your children, you must think it over. Experts suggest that we should learn to do something to protect our eyes just as we do for our skin during outdoor activities in summer. Improper choice, however, can turn protection into harm. As for our children, if they are not old enough to wear sunglasses, it will be a good choice to prepare a hat with a long and wide rim that can cover their whole face for them. As to the elder ones, if we want to choose a pair of sunglasses for them, we'd better go to the optician's to buy child-specific sunglasses. As most children are always exuberant, naughty and playful, we can also choose a kind of glasses chain for them to avoid the falling of the sunglasses. Whatever we do, we should consider children's comfort and health as the most important thing. Searching for more information about kids' eye health, please refer to vision library.
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