Basic knowledge frame

by:Fuqian     2020-04-04
Basic knowledge frame made of frames made of ordinary metal alloy frame, high nickel alloy metal rack, lightweight titanium or titanium alloy metal sheet, ordinary plastic injection molding, plastic frame, carbon and metal plastic frame and so on. These frames of different materials have different characteristics: such as common metal frame and cheap; High nickel alloy metal frame with high elasticity, but for some people is easy to produce allergic skin; Titanium and carbon materials frame light but the price is expensive; Injection molding frame price cheap and fresh color; Plate rack is out of shape not easily but more expensive. Spectacle frame design is various, forms, from overall points has a whole box, box and three types of frameless, pear-shaped, water droplets shape, oval, egg-shaped short, rectangle, square or polygon, choosing a frame style can cooperate with his face after the visual effect is comfortable for the principle, when the gradient more focus lens with teenagers, unfavorable choose water body or partial square frame. For the quality of the frame, the average consumer can observe its coating finish, the solder joint roughness of the parts and frame of the left and right sides is symmetrical, the bridge of the nose is, straight appearance quality, etc. In general, the quality is better frame price is relatively high, if the frame brand clothing brand, prices are often higher. Glasses for attention children head with adult head are very different, especially children nasal peak point of view, even as adults have obvious differences to the curvature of the bridge of the nose. Selected children with frame, therefore, should pay attention to observe children's facial features such as high and low fat, bridge of the nose. Most children's bridge of the nose is lower, should choose frame nose high, or choose bazoo holds adjustable bracket. Otherwise, frame, low nose, wearing glasses frame will be posted in the face, or even touching the eyelash, glasses can't use. So, generally speaking children glasses choose plastic frame is better. First, most of the children's naughty and active, pick wearing of glasses, don't too care about. Easy to use metal frame crooked deformation, broken, affect the appearance and use effect. But plastic is not easy to damage. Such as like the metal frame, must be done according to the requirements of use. Had better not choose punching and half framework. Because of these two frames damaged more easily. Second, children's glasses should have enough vision field. Because the children's range is very wide, so try not to cast shadows on choice and eye corner of the picture frame, also want to avoid too much of a picture frame or approach move too long. Third, children choose glasses must pay attention to weight. Children with glasses, the first thing to consider is the weight of the glasses is suitable for children's nose, generally between children in 13 to 19 grams glasses is the most suitable. Fourth, children hyperopia wearing lens correction must reduce glasses degree year by year, before the age of six children hyperopia should be checked every three months to half a year time, after 6 years of age can check once a year, can in no way a pair of glasses wear them for a long time, caused irreversible eye damage. Fifth, unfavorable excessive framework glasses. At present, more and more big frame glasses. Although frames, lenses can increase field of vision, but too big picture frame, lens, certainly will increase the weight of the glasses, heavy glasses on the bridge of the nose, the pressure on the edge of the eye socket, will probably make orbital nerve compression, appear facial ministry skin numbness, near nose painful eyes, insensitive, and other symptoms. Therefore, big frame glasses are not scientific. Frame maintain small common sense 1, glasses should be paid attention to when using its leg gently with both hands. If take off with one hand, the damage frame about balance, cause the deformation of frame, shorten service life. 2, don't put the mirror down when putting, should let the mirror up or horizontal stand, will wear lenses, lens is put down cause inaccurate degree, reduce the definition of the object. 3, must use the special lens cloth to wipe the lens. Lenses is stained with dust or sand, used wipe again after water rinse, otherwise the lens could be wear away. 4, cleaning frame, as long as with dry cloth or paper towel. . If it is difficult to remove dirt, can dip in a little bit of soap water to wipe. 5, glasses to avoid in high temperature place. Plastic frames under low temperature brittle crack, light with light should be paid attention to. 6, on a regular basis to professional eye optical glasses frames, maintain the lens center or store had correction; Deformation of frame once appear, should looking for professionals to adjust in a timely manner.
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