Corrective vision lenses are recent innovation

by:Fuqian     2020-06-02
Sam Foster made the first pair of tinted lenses in 1929. Although the great depression deterred the hopes of many, Sam Foster formed the Foster Grant company and sold the first pair to a customer on the boardwalk of Atlantic City in 1930. People snapped them up and the maker of the first pair of sunglasses founded the Foster Grant company. Foster's company was an early player, but he did not patent the idea. The military found use for the glasses and commissioned the Bausch and Lomb company to produce lenses that would correct glare in high altitude situations. Ray Ban invented the first pair of polarized sunglasses creating a technology developed by the Polaroid corporation. Although the technology has shifted from glass to plastic, the lenses worn by members of the military still use this technology. The sunglasses have also become more affordable that nearly anyone can wear them. A person can spend over a $100 on high quality sun glasses, but an effective pair of sunglasses can be bought for a few dollars from a local big box store.
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