Due to the intense light in summer, people would

by:Fuqian     2020-06-02
It will not be good for the development of the children's eyes when they wear the sunglasses. Recently, there are different kinds of sunglasses in the market. They have different kinds of sizes, which are suitable for the children who are one and half years old. The price is cheap, and most of them are plastic lenses and plastic frames which will be not easy to break. Most of the parents think the children with sunglasses will be lovely or handsome especially for the boys, but there are many potential hazards for the eyes which they are not known. Moreover, they cannot protect the eye sights even lead to some eye diseases. Before they are 6, it is easy for the children to get the farsightedness. While after 6, they are easy to have nearsightedness. Generally, the high quality sunglasses have the function of preventing from the ultraviolet light. The common sunglasses for the children will not guarantee the quality, and if the plastic lenses and the frames are not paid more attention to, they will bring about other diseases. Therefore, it is necessary for the children to protect their eye sights especially in the process of the growth and development. They need the sunshine, but the parents also should know the direct radiation of the sun light to the children will damage their children eye sights if the parents just pursue the loveliness. A research shows that the children shouldn't wear the sunglasses before they are at the school age. The low quality sunglasses will hurt the eyes in a degree. And it is not important to wear sunglasses in the dark light environment, or it will increase the burden of the eyes and decrease the eye sights.
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