Glasses maintain knowledge

by:Fuqian     2020-04-05
1, glasses maintenance maintenance lenses in addition to their hard-working, found a problem, immediately ask an expert to help is the most intelligent solution. S clean glasses have a doorway principle is to keep bright and clean, clean glasses from oil dirties, avoid scratch the lens. Can use neutral soap or special cleaner to clean, rinse it with lens paper again after dry or downy glossy paper, many people are picking up thy skirts, handkerchief to wipe the lens, such as habits, it is not correct, because the rough material is easy to scratch the lens. Clean thin seam between frames, can use soft old toothbrush gently scrub, remove the dirt. S collection of glasses should be carefully placed glasses way also want to get into the habit of fixed, with lens flannelette package first, then fold the left frame, then fold the right frames, to prevent glasses by weight, rigid glasses collection box of glasses can be placed. Glasses while is dot, cleaning and maintenance is very important, however, unfortunately, many people just a little knowledge, light damage glasses, prevent inappropriate, or accelerate the deterioration of eyesight, cannot inadvertent. If you want to know more detailed maintenance method, or have any questions, welcome your glasses to the fine work of glasses, will be satisfactory and comprehensive solutions. 2, contact lenses, the maintenance of thin lenses gently close to on the eye, once contaminated, immediately and directly damage the eyes, so the cleaning and maintenance must not be lazy. S the silt but not imbrued except for patients with eye diseases, general contact lenses will suffer from three kinds of pollution; One is the pollution of the outside world, such as the dust in the air, oil, cosmetics, detergents. The second is the eye itself, such as protein, mucus secretion of tears. Three are bacteria, mold contamination. Therefore, cleaning and maintenance contact lenses in addition to carefully avoid scratch, more thoroughly to achieve clean, sterilization, protein to three tasks. S look cross-eyed maintenance system in principle, is not the most perfect maintenance system, although some cleaning liquid effectively, but may cause allergic stimulation to the eyes of some people, so when you buy contact lenses, be sure to ask the most suitable for their own habits and physiological conditions of maintenance system, and not to any combination of different maintenance system, generally choose the maintenance system should pay attention to several points: 1. Through the health inspection by the competent authority approval. 2. The safety of the eyes, no allergies, stimulate the reaction. 3. Cleaning effect is good. 4. Can completely sterilization. 5. To protein effectively. 6. Fit your lifestyle. 7. Simple and easy to use. 8. The price is reasonable. S clean start from the hands although there are many maintenance system claimed to have 'no hands', but experts say, as far as possible choose diy cleaning and maintenance system, by finger touch and eye observation can determine the cleaning effect, peace of mind and reality. Began to clean contact lenses before, first clean your hands, especially the dirt in the nails. Be sure to rinse thoroughly s daily clean tetralogy ( 1) 。 Use clean fluid to stain; In accordance with the instruction on drop after cleaning fluid, with stomach gently rub the lens, about 30 seconds can make besmirch, sediment from the lens. ( 2) 。 Wash clean liquid; Rinse thoroughly cleaning fluid with besmirch, can use contact lenses dedicated to maintain fluid or physiological salt water. ( 3) 。 Disinfection protection lens; In accordance with the specified maintenance system disinfection liquid medicine and the method to use. ( 4) 。 Collection on dedicated box; Don't ignore the collection box also regularly clean and sterilization, otherwise hard cleaning contaminated again. S week to protein in tears of protein ingredients are easy to adhere to in the lens, but also very stubborn deposition on the lenses, even daily cleaning cannot completely remove, and accumulate more long more difficult to remove, can make eyes redness, photophobia, lens discoloration, immune system to produce antibodies to stimulate an eye, 'mammoplasty for protrusions conjunctivitis caused by disease. To clean of enzyme protein, can decompose protein structure, chopped, eliminate the adhesion force, achieve clean effect. Usually go to work can be done once a week. 3 maintain the glaring sun glasses, sun glasses make you active in the sun, good free. Actually the sun glasses to block the sun, can resist the pollution damage, so be careful care, lest face would oh. Actually maintain the method of sun glasses is like glasses, maintenance cleaning, closed stack, deposit should be a habit. Et sunglasses often only to take off the take off, but they will scratch, so there are a few small details to special remind you: the sun glasses have stain adhesion, don't use nail to pick, it would be easy to scratch wound surface. Don't wear the sun glasses, many people will be comfortable on the head, collar or a pocket, while the body don't too much, so as not to break or crash. Or there will be someone in the bag, it is recommended that you first into the hard glasses box, put in bag, to avoid the keys, comb, little wear lenses, such as copper or contamination to the lipstick and other cosmetics. Motorists by wearing sun glasses, not always smooth sailing on the dashboard or seat, this is a very bad habit, the hot weather will be sun glasses roasted no prototype, especially plastic frames, it is best to take out of the car, or collection in glasses are placed in the box. No matter where you will sunglasses collection, be sure to remember the mirror to up.
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