Going abroad to somewhere hot with your children

by:Fuqian     2020-06-24
Sun protection Sun protection is an essential for children exposed to hot weather and should be reapplied regularly. You must apply at least an SPF (sun protection factor) of 30 to their entire body. The traditional white sun creams are a good choice as you can see where these have been applied. Make sure you keep your child out of the sun during midday as this is when it will be at its strongest and most harmful. Shoes The choice of your kid's shoes is important as the top of the feet are made up of delicate layers of skin which can be easily burned by sun rays and can become very painful when trying to put on shoes. A pair of shoes will also protect their feet from the ground and prevent injury from standing on anything dangerous. Make sure that they provide a quality sole and fit correctly to ensure safety and comfort. Hat and T-shirt You need to ensure your child's clothing covers their entire body to prevent sunburn. More importantly the priority areas such as the shoulders and chest must be covered. Buying a cheap t-shirt from a nearby tourist shop when you get there is a good idea as your child can then wear it in the water and you do not need to worry about chlorine ruining one of their favourite tops. A hat can also help guard your child's hair and scalp from harmful sun rays and help to keep their face cool. Sunglasses Children's eyes are more sensitive than adults, which makes wearing sunglasses in hot climates important in order to prevent ultraviolet rays harming their eyes. Sunglasses for younger people come in a variety of colours and themes which will make it easier for you to get them to wear a pair and keep them on whilst abroad. Opting for dark colours to cover up with will help to absorb the harmful sun rays and prevent them from transferring through. Hopefully this guide will give you an insight as to how you can protect your child in hot climates. Be sure to create a check list to ensure you do not forget any of these essentials.
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