by:Fuqian     2020-08-20

I bought the 9% to use for driving into the low Fall/Spring solar and for flying. I love how they offer eye protection while not so dark that I cant read my ipad and guidelines inside the aircraft. The SKY 18™ lens has an analogous VLT to most other avionic sunglasses.

These medium-tint lenses are a great choice for basic and mixed circumstances. Our darkest choices, the SKY9 and FLT9, transmit 9% VLT of accessible mild.

However, the clarity of crystalline glass, combined with the comfort of a lens that absorbs extreme UVA gentle and infrared heat vitality make it the most effective on the planet. Modified body for larger consolation and improved efficiency; light-weight body & lens materials, wider & flatter frame fronts, thicker & constructed-up nose pads, and longer temples. High Transmission lenses work hard when distance counts.

With the best usable light transmission, HT expertise balances contrast and depth of field for crisper particulars during varying circumstances. Offers wealthy color and distinction along with the very best out there light production, in contrast to strange grey lenses that flatten mild evenly throughout the spectrum. All of our Pilot sun shades are outfitted with impression resistant lenses.

Yet you possibly can nonetheless render your flight deck--or your iPad--in sharp element. Perfect for flying west, chasing the solar or in very uncovered cockpits. I love my Ascent Sky 18's so much I bought a pair of Sky 30's.

I keep each pair in my automotive and alternate relying on lighting conditions. I imagine the Sky 9's are nice for tremendous shiny days, however so far My Sky 18's have labored flawlessly for driving on brilliant sunny days. With both pair, I can clearly see the massive navigation display screen in my automobile. Always struggled with eyewear when flying, needed to push them down for looking on the panel, then back up for flying, then again down for touchdown, been utilizing Method Seven Ascent 18s what a game changer. Can see all digital shows clearly, protects from the sun , are light and super comfy, doesn't intervene with the headsets in any respect, which is a giant plus.

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