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WAI went on to ascertain the Pioneer Hall of Fame to honor women in aviation who had made particular contributions to the field. In 1995, the Federation of European Women Pilots was based in Rome.

A girl who was an early parachutist, Georgia 'Tiny' Broadwick began working with barnstormer, Charles Broadwick at age 15 in 1908. She made her first bounce in 1908, and in 1913, became the first lady to leap from an plane.

On 7 December 1910 Jane Herveu, who had previously been concerned in vehicle racing was licensed in France and commenced collaborating within the Femina Cup. Lilly Steinschneider grew to become the first female pilot within the Austro-Hungarian Empire on August 15, 1912.

and two years later the Association for Women in Aviation Maintenance was shaped. Petty Officer 3rd Class Rosalee Burton, operates a training gadget designed to simulate in-flight pressure adjustments on aviators. As a Navy training gadget trainer, Burton operated, maintained, and taught about Navy coaching equipment on the Naval Aerospace Medicine Institute. In 1948, Isabella Ribeiro de Cabral, who grew to become Isabella de Freitas the next 12 months, turned the primary woman pilot of Trinidad and Tobago. It could be one other forty years, in 1988, before the first Trinidadian girl, Wendy Yawching became a captain.

had obtained the primary female Russian license and by 1914 she carried out the primary aerobatic loop made by a woman. Hilda Hewlett turned the primary British woman to earn a pilot's license on August 29, 1911 and taught her son to fly that same 12 months. In September 1910, Melli Beese grew to become Germany's first lady pilot and the next year started designing her first airplane which was produced in 1913. On October 10, 1911, Božena Laglerová a Czech native of Prague, obtained the first Austrian license for a lady and 9 days later secured the second German license for a girl.

The first woman passenger in an airplane was Mlle P. Van Pottelsberghe de la Poterie who flew with Henri Farman on several quick flights at an airshow in Ghent, Belgium between May and June 1908. Edith Berg, an American, who flew as a passenger with Wilbur Wright in Paris in October 1908, was the inspiration of the hobble skirt designed by Paul Poiret. Starting 1906, one other inventor of aircraft, Emma Lilian Todd began designing her personal airplanes. Todd first started finding out dirigibles before she moved onto designing airplanes. Todd's first aircraft flew in 1910 and was piloted by Didier Masson.

Broadwick, in 1914, was also the one who gave the first demonstrations of parachute jumping to the United States authorities. When she retired in 1922, she had completed 1,a hundred jumps. The first machine-powered flight was achieved by the Wright Brothers on December 17, 1903. Both brothers felt that it was essential to recognize the contributions of Katherine Wright to their work.

Miss Prim with airplane on the flight faculty Aero Material in Stockholm, Sweden, circa 1920. ) became China's first female pilot when she attended an airshow of the Nanyuan Aviation School and insisted that she be allowed to fly. After circling the sphere, tossing flowers, she crashed, turning into a national heroine when she survived. Katherine Stinson became the first woman air mail pilot, when the United States Postal Service contracted her to fly mail from Chicago to New York City in 1918. The following 12 months, Ruth Law flew the first official U.S. air mail to the Philippines.

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