How much is the polarized sunglasses are authentic goods?

by:Fuqian     2020-04-09
Talking about the use of polarized sunglasses, perhaps to travel, go out in the outside drivers are used mostly in the comparison of some, because of the existence of polarization effect, so more get the favour of the driver, because is an important function of polarizing sunglasses uv protection, so would prefer to wear away friends, maybe a lot of friends all don't understand what is called polarized sunglasses, what is the price of real polarized sunglasses? The effect of polarized sunglasses is to filter the reflected light, increase the image contrast. Its working principle is selective filtering of light from a particular direction. By filtering diffuse many of polarized light, and decreases the intensity of light in the sky, the sky dark, and increase the contrast between the blue sky and white clouds. Specific will look at the viewfinder and rotating mirror before, when the dark sky in the viewfinder effect is most obvious, the darkest and most at 90 degrees. You can according to need to go to any Angle between the darkest and brightest. Polarized sunglasses also can effectively weaken or eliminate non-metallic surface reflections, the reflected light is a typical application of polarized light ( The metal surface reflected light is not polarized light, polarized the doesn't work) , by adjusting the polarized sunglasses can filter out this part of the reflective, thus improve the subject quality of the object, and to increase the sharpness of the picture. The prime function of polarized sunglasses are polarized uv protection and filtering, good polarized lenses that can stop more than 90% uv penetration. You can choose to contain 'UV400' best polarized sunglasses block uv logo; Inferior polarized sunglasses, such as dark sunglasses, in the dim light, with the human eyes eye pupil get bigger, into the eyes of ultraviolet (uv) increases, increase the damage to the eyes. Authentic polarized sunglasses to wear comfortable; Inferior lenses when making no technical and functional, the lens material is also very poor, after wearing uncomfortable, dizziness, headache, dry eyes, stabbing pain, etc. , to immediately stop using it.
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