How to choose the sun glasses

by:Fuqian     2020-04-07
Over the surface of the watch when choosing sunglasses, good lens surface should be clean, no bubbles and corrugated, then pick the sunglasses on the lamp, lamp on the surface of the lens, reflective should be even and smooth. If the image distortion, lens flatness and smoothness is not enough, then put the glasses in front 15 cm ~ 20 cm distance, look through the lens cracks or floor juncture or other linear objects, mobile glasses, let your eyes from the lenses of different position to observe if there is a surge of bent or straight. If there are any irregularities, prompt the lens may have residual degree, this lens Dai Jiu easy dizziness, give up to buy. According to face selection: face width: sunglasses should choose a bit bigger; Face the narrow thin: should choose the frame edge thin, delicate some; Round: framework suitable for thick glasses, if choose frame line fine soft sunglasses, 'adding' to foil face more big, the lens should also choose brunet, has a 'tightening' face visual effect. A long thin face: should take longitudinal wide round glasses, up and down to make up for the defect of face. A slender face unavoidably owe 'soft', might as well choose pink or red wine glasses. Glasses legs below the design in the lens of glasses, the length of the face side also revised accordingly; Longitudinal narrow transverse wide face: should choose up and down the narrow rectangular frame sunglasses, the lens color is better to sedate brown; Little face: fine framework or suited to small face, his rimless glasses lens take light pink or purple color, unusual effect. Note 1, don't recommend choose gradient color 2, 3 is not recommended for long term wear colored lenses, not excessive pursuit of style, to find a suitable for their faces, and eyes need sunglasses. 4, pay attention to the color of the lens. Choose which color to absorb ultraviolet light is stronger, helps to protect your eyes.
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