How to face choose sunglass

by:Fuqian     2020-04-08
Nowadays sunglasses have become the necessary sheet is tasted in the quarter, to protect your eyes reveal personality at the same time. How to choose a suitable sunglasses, it is a lot of people. This small coke will learn together with all of you: how to face choosing sunglasses, let decent sunglasses to image points. How to face choosing sunglasses ( A) : oval face just as its name implies is the forehead rounder jaw slightly pointed, two buccal zygomatic is higher. Oval face to concave shape, can try many different shapes, but you'd better choose slightly bigger than the facial lines of horizontal frames, covered a little cheekbones, and the area is not too much to cover their faces. Frame if the cheekbones submerged would seem to be very abrupt, like a dragonfly. Overall, the elliptic most lucky! Advised to choose a big picture frame sunglasses. ( 2) : frame frame and oval face a similar place, but the frame more pointed chin, so it appears more prominent cheekbones. When the ink picture frame is too small not cover roughly cheekbones or temple will be very embarrassing, and try to avoid choosing the upper frame have ornaments, that appear on wide below narrow, arranges the face line loses the picture frame. Advised to choose a round sunglasses. ( 3) Round face, a face, this is the most soft lines on the forehead cheeks and chin are full. Round face for selecting the angular frame, not too exaggerated cat-eye frames is very appropriate also. Sharp line can beat voluptuous, modify your face line, have the effect of thin face. In addition, the need to avoid three round round and round picture frame. Advised to choose a square sunglasses. Above is according to the content of the face shape choosing sunglasses, for reference only, or want to choose according to his be fond of, in the process of selecting or wear sunglasses.
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