How to wash will not scratch the lens glasses

by:Fuqian     2020-04-05
Wipe the lens best before use tap water rinse, also can use neutral soap or special cleaner to clean, clean water after with special lenses to wipe clean. Cleaning fine seam between frames, can use soft old toothbrush gently scrub, remove the dirt. High temperature should avoid contact lenses in our daily life, because of the high temperature will be due to the membrane layer of the base and the lens do not match the heat bilges cold shrink, cause the breakage of the film even fall off. Also should avoid to contact lenses strong organic solvent, such as acetone, ether and perfume, because of the organic solvent will affect the surface of the lens. In addition, the placement of glasses way also want to get into the habit of fixed, first with flannelette lenses, furl mirror legs again, to prevent glasses by weight, rigid glasses collection box of glasses can be placed. 1, wearing glasses, don't put convex lens contact with hard, the best in the box. 2, resin lens to wash first, reoccupy special resin lens cleaner or a small amount of detergent, with special resin lens mirror finally dry cloth. 3, application of resin lens cloth to wipe the mirror, because ordinary lens cloth fiber loose, easy inclusion sand, will make the lens wear, so it is better to the lenses rinse off with clear water, then dry with proprietary lens cloth.
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