I have a pair of fashionable polarized sunglasses

by:Fuqian     2020-07-13
As lenses made from different materials should be repaired by different methods, my friend told me that before attempting to repair the scratch I should make clear what type of lenses my polarized sunglasses haveare. As my sunglasses have plastic lenses, I should take the following steps to repair the scratched lens. The first step is to use warm and running water to wash the scratched polarized lens, applying a dot of dish detergent to the scratched lens and gently rubbing it around. Then I rinse away the soap and dry the lens thoroughly with a microfiber cloth. The second step is to spray small amount of furniture polish on the scratched lens and rub it with gentle circular moves. The main purpose of the second step is to make the polish fill in the scratch, making it less noticeable. If the furniture polish is not available, other alternatives can be petroleum jelly or non-abrasive white toothpaste. The third step is to rub the coating in a circular motion around the scratched lens with a microfiber cloth for five to ten seconds and then check the lens if the scratch is still visible. If so, repeat the process. My friend told me that the mentioned method is used for repairing scratched lenses made from plastic materials. If the scratched lenses are made from glass, the method must be somewhat different. The most important difference is the material used to fill in the scratches should be white, non-abrasive toothpaste. At last, I should appreciate these simple and practical methods, because my loving polarized sunglasses look perfect again.
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