If you are somebody with prescription glasses

by:Fuqian     2020-06-12
As compared to clip-on or prescription sunglasses, Fitovers provide complete peripheral protection from glare, bright light and UV rays due to their wraparound designs. These days Fitovers are available in a variety of fashion styles, colors and shapes that can be worn either over prescription glasses or as regular sunglasses. The Vision Council of America projects that over 70% of the work force is going to need vision correction, thanks to computers in the work place. Over 60% of all Americans, 143 million adults, currently wear prescription eye-wear. We all are aware of the dangerous effect of harmful UV rays. Prolonged exposure to UV rays has proved to be harmful to the eyes causing serious eye diseases such as glaucoma. Glare is another annoying factor: though it doesn't affect you directly, it can result in fatigue and eye-strain. In fact, glare can lead to serious accidents while you are driving. For people who do not wear prescription eye-wear and have normal eyesight the answer is simple. Just pop on a pair of sunglasses and you get complete protection from harmful UV rays. Additionally, if the sunglasses are polarized, then the problem of glare also disappears. But people who do wear prescription eyeglasses can't do the same thing. What do they do then? Most people shell out large amounts of money for purchasing prescription sunglasses or photo chromic prescription eyewear. These days leading brands in the eye care industry offer multi layer patented sunglasses that can fit over 99% of all prescription eye wear. These sunglasses deliver 360 degrees of advanced UV Protection, allowing the eyes to remain relaxed and focused. Fitovers area perfect complement to your prescription eyeglasses: they are a less expensive option than purchasing prescription sunglasses. You do not have to purchase over sized frames; these sunglasses come in different sizes to fit different glass frames. These sunglasses, besides providing you protection from harmful UV rays, add to your style since they are available in variety of stylish frames with reflective lenses so that the fact that you are wearing glasses underneath remains hidden. Fitovers Eyewear is a leading brand of optical quality fit over sunglasses, and it is particularly designed for those customers that wear prescription lenses. It easily clip on over your regular glasses and one of the best wrap around sunglasses as compared to flip up, slip over and clip on sunglasses.
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