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by:Fuqian     2020-06-28
Babies from the year of 0-2 probably will not remember the Christmas gifts they receive but being able to take pictures of them tearing through their stocking will give you all something to look back on. For this age group snacks are always a good gift, think animal crackers, goldfish, or even better a cheerios dispenser with cheerios. You can also add some gifts that will probably benefit you more but will still give your baby something to open, gifts such as small stuffed animals, tiny board books, rattles, teething rings, bibs or bath toys or products. When looking for gifts for this age group it is important to remember to avoid choking hazards and objects with loose parts or sharp edges. Obviously, as children get older there is more variety available gift wise but from the ages 2-8 there is still some safety concerns that must be considered so getting safe and simple gifts is wise. Gifts such as stickers, temporary tattoos, twisty straws, accessories (crowns, sheriff badges, gloves, sunglasses, pirate patches, etc), ornaments, pens, pencils, play dough, animal figures, character band aids and play jewelry are all fun. Obviously, when considering gifts for children in this age group you must still take into consideration age discrepancies, thus, play dough may not be a good idea for a two year old. The next age group is that of the 9-11 year olds. This age group falls into an in between section but there are still some items that will be loved, think juggling balls, magic tricks, sketch book, 'snowman poop', Christmas ornament, special coins pocket stars, play jewelry, or toiletries. Movies are also a great gift for this age group as are smaller balls. Now, as we get to the middle school age the number of gifts you can condor up becomes more numerous. This is an age where children are beginning to really grow up and have particular interests. For this age first think about specific bands, movies, or celebrities that your children are interested in and then buy items according to that. But there are also other items that this age group will love. For boys of this age you can get a small pocket knife, a desk calendar, an iTunes gift card, a Christmas ornament, cash, a cell phone cover or accessories, a Nerf football, a hacky sack, disposable razors, beef jerky or a pocket reference book. For a girl you can get colored Chap Stick, an iTunes gift card, a movie theatre gift card, jewelry, hair accessories, perfume, stationary, sketch books, or cell phone accessories. The next two age groups you might think of can kind of be combined. These age groups are those of high school and college age kids. These kids often have more refined taste but still enjoy some unexpected gifts. For boys of this age think cell phone covers, hack sacks, t-shirts, USB flash drives, iTunes gift cards, Jamba Juice or Starbucks gift cards, movie theatre certificates, cash, Chap Stick or the Onion desk calendar. And for girls you can get accessories, hair bands or clips, stationary, jewelry, luggage tags, scrapbooking supplies, perfume, travel size toiletries, books, cash, CD's or gift cards to their favorite stores. Finally, we move on to adult appropriate stocking stuffers. Many adults have a very refined taste and know what they enjoy and what they do not, thus taking into consideration the individual's favorite candies, teas, coffees, chocolates etc will help fill that stocking but there are also other things that will be appreciated as well. Many men would enjoy a digital camera, a wallet, a small camcorder, a wine bottle, a tie, a leather shaving bag, an electric razor, a lighter, a watch, cuff links or slippers. Women on the other hand would like a skin car kit, lip balm or lipstick, a makeup kit, candles, perfume, hand warmers, tea or jewelry.
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