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by:Fuqian     2020-05-27
Are you out under the sun all the time? For people who mostly work under sunny environments the glare from the sun can be very hurtful not to mention damaging. Protect yourself with Oakley's Polarized Aviators. They used polarized lenses in their sunglasses to reduce the glare reflected from shiny objects such as windows and surface of water. The polarized lenses, also infused with anti-UV function, work pretty much like how you would control the amount of sunlight coming into the room through blinds. They eliminate the glares by bypassing the polarized light waves. If you fish occasionally, be sure to get one of these Polarized Aviators; it will definitely give you better sight of the fish below the surface of the water. Not surprisingly, Oakley continues its legacy to better serve athletes with its very own Athletic Aviators. The design is committed to enhance the wearer's performance through the high definition optics which allows better clarity and impact resistance. As usual, these athletic glasses are tinctured with Oakley's Plutonite lenses to protect against the UV ray. They also have anti-fog coating to lower the amount of condensation on the lenses. Light and comfortable, they are the must-haves for sportspeople with a keen sense for fashion. All that aside, you might want to know a tip or two about getting the lens color for your sunglasses. Yes, they do matter! Different colors will cause different visual sensations and can affect performance of the sunglasses. Grey aviators oakley lenses are the most popular kind of lenses bought, as they easily serve the general use purpose. Even though brown lenses darken your vision, they provide no distortion in color so everything remains in their color. Black aviators oakley and Brown aviator oakley lenses are also quite popular as they are also good in reducing the light intensity. Brown aviator oakley lenses works very well to increase depth perception and contrast in various light conditions. These lenses are best used for riding or driving under a sunny day, but don't attempt to use them during the dark. You may look cool, but you're also pretty much blind with them on. Another lens that does not alter color is green; not only that, it also absorbs UV rays. Fancy colors like Rose aviators oakley, Pink aviators oakley, or Blue aviator oakley look nice and perhaps you'd like them as fashion sunglasses rather than for practical usages. They distort colors so it is not advisable to use these glasses while you're behind the wheels. Failure to see the red light due to your colored lenses is hardly a feasible excuse. On the other hand, they do provide good contrast and are pleasant to the eyes during dark or hazy weathers. Some people dislike these colors while others are able to slowly get used to them. The Oakley's aviators use Lexan material which makes is shatterproof or pretty much bulletproof. They are very durable and hardly ever yellow; the Oakley's quality is that good. That aside, most of Oakley's sunglasses can be converted into prescription glasses as well and they will not be any less good.
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