In recent years, sunglasses for men become more widespread

by:Fuqian     2020-05-30
Firstly, as sunglasses are considered as an eye protection for people to do their activities outsides, especially for men who usually engage in some heavy and strong works all year around in the open air, it is important to ensure the stability between lenses and frame. When choosing sunglasses, it is necessary for you to check out whether the lenses are linked closely with frames. And make sure there is no apparent aperture and weakness between lenses and frame. Secondly, as you know, there are some screws that are tacked to balance shape of frame and lenses. Sometimes, the screws are loosen to join with the frame. If you are not unaware of that and put it into use, it is easy to break up. Therefore, before you get it, make sure the screws are not loosened and the completeness of whole pair of sunglasses. Thirdly, take a second look with the rim of frame. This is a part that is easy to be ignored but usually contain some defects when consumers take it back to home. As a matter of fact, it is the frequent case that the scratches or partial broken are formed during the delivery time. If you want to a pair of non-flaws sunglasses, you are suggested to take a few seconds to focus on the rim. Fourth, you should also check your lenses. The lenses should have no obvious collapses, defects or scratches. And the surface of lenses should be smooth and the lenses should be symmetrical to some degrees. All of these are the necessary requests to ensure the safety and comfort Fifth, when we choose sunglasses, you may seldom take careful looks at the angles of temple of frame. Actually, it always plays an important role in influencing the comfort index of wearers. Generally speaking, the angle between the lenses and temple should keep 80 to 95 degrees. The range of angle is ideal for our human face which is tested by the Professional Researchers of Human Body. By a way, if you want to avoid that the frame is not suitable with your face, the two temples should keep in level when keep them flat on desk.
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