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by:Fuqian     2020-07-08
Glasses with polycarbonate lenses may be your right choice to ensure the safety of the prescription sunglasses. Such kind of lenses is lighter and more durable than normal ones, which makes the children feel comfortable when wearing it. These lenses are made of materials that are break-resistant, most of which are shatter proof. And also some of this kind of lenses is bulletproof. The prescription sunglasses are always covered with the anti-UV coatings, with which your children's eyes can be prevented from the harm caused by the bright sunlight, especially the UV rays of sun. It is always a worry for parents that their children's eyes would be injured in the accidents during playing, for in such case, the eyeglasses they wear may be broken into pieces and run into their eyes, and then have serious impact on their lives. But now, the polycarbonate lenses characterized of shatter proof can get rid of this worry. They can protect your children's eyes well by avoiding the small pieces of breaking eyeglass lenses from entering their eyes. Therefore, the eyeglasses opticians or doctors often recommend the polycarbonate lenses when purchasing sunglasses for children. In addition, such kind of lenses has the anti-scratch coating, in this case, people who wear them can have a clearer vision. But there is no evidence indicating that the clearer and harder the coatings are, the more scratch resistant the lenses will be. Additionally, the frames of the prescription sunglasses are also a very important factor that you should consider. The frames should be connected with the lenses firmly. If you want to do some sports, such as playing basketball and other ball games, you'd better choose the specially designed sports frames, as they can ensure your children's safety when they are doing sports. As for where to buy cheap prescription sunglasses, I think the online eyeglasses shops would be your optimum choice. Apart from the low prices, there are thousands of glasses with various designs and styles for you to choose.
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