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by:Fuqian     2020-06-05
In 2010, colors of men's sunglass range from bright red, rose red, lemon yellow, jewelry blue to purple grey, etc.. Those colors are preferences of sunglasses for men from many brand names. The red semi-rimless sunglasses from Prada Linea Rossa are thought to be perfect explanation and combination of vigour and leisure. The upper frame is fully framed by red plastics, which add hip hop elements for this sunglass series. Prada yellow full framed sunglasses, whose legs coming to be retro, are for creative fashion pioneers. The bright yellow is capable to make both the wearers and others in a good humour. The blue frame plastic sunglasses from Burberry are modified style from pilot sunglasses. There are less corner angles, and the collocation of bright blue frame body and silver frame legs make themselves rather unique and fashionable. In addition the light grey glass lenses reduce the clamour in summer. Bright colors and creative patterns get matched, further demonstrating the exaggerate design ideas for sunglasses for men in 2010. Oakley Dispatch sunglasses, as a professional choice for water skiing athletes, are specifically made for the famous athletes, Bruce Irons, at first. They are decorated with red leopard skin pattern at the legs. Manufactured with special craft, the Dispatched sunglasses are able to eliminate the possible interference of sweat, rain, and other lotions. Another sunglasses for men with contrast colors, CLUBMASTER from RayBan, are decorated with colorful zebra patterns at both frame body and legs. They are anti-traditional and at the meantime rather charming. Sunglasses for men in 2010 subverb the traditonal ideas upon items for males. It is belived that men's items would no longer restricted in masculine, simple and rough appearances and styles.
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