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by:Fuqian     2020-06-06
These days, it is not surprising to meet someone who works from home full-time. Others who work in town will fall to the temptation of working from home on their laptops every now and then. You should however ensure there is ample light in the room when working at night in front of a computer screen since the impact of the glare from the screen will be higher in such situations. Without special sunglasses, it would have been nearly impossible for man to get into the space. This is due to the damage that direct rays from the sun can have on unprotected eyes. It was only after the use of specially designed thin lens which are gold coated, that they were able to ensure the eyes of the astronaut were completely unharmed. People with eye complications like being short-sighted or long-sighted require glasses with concave or convex lenses to complement their vision. For instance, Dior sunglasses will allow you to have a trendy look while at the same time have your recommended sunglasses on. This flexibility is a great opportunity for those who must put on a pair of glasses. Filter glasses are also placed in front of television screens and in homes where the parents want to enhance the protection of the eyes of their young ones. The dangerous side of exposing your eyes to these harmful conditions is the fact that this harm is not immediate. It takes time before the consequences are felt. This is very deceiving to most people because people prefer to see the consequences before they take action. Unfortunately, when the first consequences are felt, the damage has already been done and it's very expensive to stop further damage. It also takes a long time to restore the eye health. It is therefore advisable that precautionary measures are employed like the use of sunglasses instead of waiting until the harm is done. The saying, 'prevention is better than cure has never been so true'. Celebrities have in the recent past done a good job in marketing sunglasses since their staunch followers are more than glad to purchase for themselves a pair of sunglasses that they have spotted on their favorite celebrity. This gives the target audience of the celebrities something to act as an identity and connect to the brand the celebrity is selling. This will usually translate into customer loyalty while the popular personalities in the celebrity arena have nowadays become enterprising and have designed sunglasses with their stage names on them. This has taken the market of sunglasses to a higher level since you do not only go for the trendy design of sunglasses but the one that has the name of your favorite superstar on it. Children are a good example with their liking for the spider man, super man and bat man brands.
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