Nowadays, sunglasses as a trendy accessory not

by:Fuqian     2020-05-23
Generally speaking, most of semi-rim sunglasses can be divided into categories like those frames which are made from metal and those are made from plastic. As you know, semi-rim sunglasses made with metal usually have a good stability and made with many classic colors which range from pink to light blue, especially the gold color which are much favored by many elders. Semi-rim sunglasses which are made with plastic usually cost less. However, they are much light. Therefore, more and more eyeglass wearers, for the sake of comfort, uniqueness and low price, would pick up semi rimless sunglasses. When it comes to the texture of semi rimless, as the name implies, semi-rim sunglasses are made with half rim circled lenses. As you know, the normal full frames that fully cover rim surrounding all over the lenses are much heavier than semi-rim sunglasses. Compared with rimless sun wear, the frame design is more innovative and charming. Unlike rimless sunglasses, which are only welcome among young people who would like to follow fashionable trend. Semi-sunglasses are suitable for all people like children, young people, adults and elders, especially for work classes who like to match well with their business suit.
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