Polarized sunglasses

by:Fuqian     2020-04-12
Polarized sunglasses are a kind of sun glasses. Polarized light can be divided into three kinds, namely linear polarized light, ellipse polarized light and circular polarized light. General so-called polarization refers to the linear polarized light, also called plane polarized light. The vibration of the waves along the direction of a specific fixed, in the space of the transmission line as the sine curve, in the vertical direction the plane for a straight line. Linear polarization direction and the direction of propagation of vibration plane is called the vibration plane, and the vertical direction of vibration and contains surface in the direction of propagation is called polarization plane. Take the natural light through the polarizer, linear polarized light can be obtained, is often used in the study of crystal optics. Production principle of editing polarized sunglasses can block glare of uncomfortable, at the same time can protect your eyes from uv rays. All of this is due to metal powder filters, they can when light hits on the 'choice'. Of polarized sunglasses can selectively absorb the sun's rays of a part of the band, because it is through the thin metal powder ( Iron, copper, nickel, etc. ) 。 In fact, when the light on the lenses, based on the so-called 'destructive interference' process, the light is reduced. In other words, when certain wavelengths of light ( Here refers to uva, uvb rays, and sometimes infrared) Through the lens, the lens inside the eye direction, they will cancel each other out. Formation of overlapping of waves is not an accidental phenomenon: a wave crest with the wave trough of near together, leads to cancel each other out. Destructive interference phenomenon depends on the lens refraction coefficient ( The different material from the air through the light when the degree of deviation) , also depends on the thickness of the lens. Little change in general, the thickness of the lens, the lens refractive index was based on the differences of chemical composition and different. Polarized sunglasses offers another eye protection mechanism. The asphalt reflected light is a special polarized light. The reflected light and the light from the sun directly or any artificial light source the light is different from the problem lies in the order. Polarized light is made up of all in one direction vibration wave form, and the light of the general is formed by not directional vibration wave. It's like a group of people walk around with a group of no order with neat pace of marching soldiers, in stark contrast. Generally speaking, the reflected light is the light of an orderly. Polarized lens was especially effective in blocking the light, because its filtrability at work. This kind of lens only let in a certain direction vibration by polarized wave, like will light 'comb'. To the problem of road reflectors using polarized sunglasses can reduce light transmission, because it does not transfer parallel shock waves through the road. In fact, the filter layer long molecules are oriented horizontally, can absorb horizontally polarized light. In this way, most of the reflected light is eliminated, and the whole lighting degree did not reduce the surrounding environment. Finally, the polarized sunglasses lenses can after the sun's rays to darken. When lighting weakens, it became bright again. To be able to, because of the silver halide crystals at work. Under normal circumstances, it can keep the lens transparency. Under the irradiation of the sunlight, the crystals of the silver, silver in YouLiZhuang inside the lens form small drupelets. These small silver aggregation of jagged irregular mass, they cannot be transmitted light, and can only absorb light, the result has lenses darkened. Again in the case of light from the darkness, the crystals form, the lens then return to the bright state. Application of editing in the summer, the DiaoYou like polarized glasses. Why is that? The reason is very simple, the effect of filtering polarized sunglasses with polarized light, wear it to go fishing, watching more easily and not tired eyes, if the lens is dark color, Such as brown, green, grey, etc. ) For summer wear, feel more comfortable. Polarized lens is the world's most recognized for driving the lens. When light from an object's surface reflection has been polarized parts and produce glare. The opposite of glare role - — Enhance weakened brightness and color saturation; Object contour become blurred, eye fatigue, discomfort. Polaroid made according to the principle of polarization of light, effective eliminate the glare of the special function, filtering the chaotic light, make the drivers to improve vision, add a fun ride. Hobby outdoor leisure travel friend also has a special liking to a polarized lens, polarizer to arrange the crystal structure of a kind of balance, this structure only conceded wavelengths by crystal balance, to other Angle vibration waves are blocked. Adjust the Angle of polarizer, if the surface of the water, glass, flowers and plants, such as water vapour partial seismic reflected light can be cut off, the normal light can partly through, thus enhanced contrast, reflective, enhance the effect of landscape color, reduce atmospheric fog phenomenon, let you see the world clearly, also you a colorful world, more blue sky, more beautiful nature. Lenses polarization Angle and radian professionally design and processing, the wearer won't feel scenery distortion and vertigo, resin polarized lens has light, not easy broken, the advantages of wearing a relaxed, comfortable. The most suitable for fishing, driving, sports, sailing, skiing, hunting, etc.
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