Polarized sunglasses can block out the flash from

by:Fuqian     2020-05-27
One of the properties of light is called polarization, which speaks to the orientation of a wave in space. The waves of a light source run in all directions, and when light leaps from a reflective surface like glass, the light waves polarize, which means the waves orient along an horizontal axis. A polarized lens, which is vertical, can block out the luminance of these light waves while allowing information through into the eyes. Polarized sunglasses are mostly applied when the wearer needs to see clearly, and needs to avoid the potential dangers as well. Flashes from reflective surfaces make the vision difficult because they blind the eye to some extent and hide the details. Normal sunglasses prevent glare from reaching the eye, but they also leave out subtle details around the wearer's environment, and it can be dangerous sometimes. Polarized sunglasses are made for outdoor use, and they have various types from lightly tinted and mildly polarized to heavily tinted and strongly polarized. Some polarized sunglasses also have color tinting for special conditions such as in snow. The currently welcome 3-D movies also use polarized glasses. In 3-D movies, one lens of the polarized glasses is horizontally polarized, and the other is vertically polarized, for the purpose of creating slightly different images for each eye, so that the mind will think the picture is three-dimensional. People who have several pairs of 3-D glasses in hand can play with the effects of polarization for its own sake, and it is really of great fun. is a famous online optical store. It has a large store of a variety of polarized sunglasses. Check them out! There must be one specially made for you. .
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