Summer become hotter and hotter, sun-shine is dazzling

by:Fuqian     2020-06-08
Kid's cornea and crystalline lens are more clear than adult, so they are more easily to be harm. If do not care about prevent sun-shine, it might hurt children's corneal epithelium, also harm to the retina macula lutea, even would be hidden danger for future cataract. So in summer, except prevent sun-shine for skin, also need to protect our eyes. Need to tell children, do not look directly to sun, do not go for outdoor activities from 12:00 to 14:00 at noon, wear wide side hat,sunshade And clip on sunglasses for Kids. But not all of the Kids suit for sunglasses. Clip on sunglasses for your kids one or two hours when go out(if sun-shine is dazzling ), can protect the eyes, but the time can not be to long. Because kid's vision function havn't been developed, need more bright lights and distinct correlative excite. If wear sunglasses for a long time would effect vision's normal growth, may lead to serious amblyopia.So do not let Kids wear sunglasses before 6 years old. Also, the quality of sunglasses in the market right now are uneven. Some Kid's sunglassress are made by organic glass or normal glass, do not have the prevent UV function. This kind of bad quality sunglasses would be harm to kid's eyes. Because when the clildren wear the sunglasses, pupil would be enlarged, but these sunglasses can ont filter UV rays effective,UV rays would be more easily hurt than non-wear sunglasses. Choose sunglasses for kids need to go to standard eye glasses shop, choose sunglasses, which have prevent UV identifying. As for color, best choice is grey, tawny. They will cause smaller falsification of color, avoid to choose fresh colors.
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