Sunglasses are similar to women's skirts in summer

by:Fuqian     2020-05-22
Eye experts tell us that there is only one color which is the UV color in deep degree, but it's not what you usually think as black, but yellow! If you only intend to purchase a pair of sunglasses, then the yellow lens is the best choice, for it can provide you with full UV protection. On the other hand, if you are a lady who is like the UK, with an average of five different colors of sunglasses, then just the same like perfumes, on different occasions, you should wear proper perfumes, different lenses' colors are also match different moments. 1 Yellow lens---100% UV filtration Yellow sunglasses can filter UV completely, but allowing infrared rays and 83% visible light go through. The greatest characteristic is that it can filter most dazzling blue light of the sun. After sunlight goes through the atmosphere, the majority of the performance is blue light. That is why the sky is blue in your eyes. So after yellow lens filters blue light, the natural scenery can be seen more clearly. Therefore, wearing a pair of yellow lens sunglasses while driving, you can have a better view of the passing traffic. 2 Green lens--- 99% UV filtration Stylish green lenses are similar with gray lenses, for they can filter the infrared light as well as UV rays by 99%. However, some original features will be changed by green lens. What's more, the ability of blocking light is lower than the grey lenses. Fortunately, green is a natural sedative, which can make people around you feel comfortable. Thus you could be a 'Goodwill Ambassador' wearing green lenses sunglasses. 3 Gray lens---98% UV filtration The effect of filtering by gray lens is almost equal of different sunlight, and it can filter infrared light and UV by98%. Wearing sunglasses of gray lens, the scenery' original color will not change; moreover, it could block the glare to the most degree. 4 Pink lens--- 95% UV filtration Pink lenses can filter UV by 95% and some shorter wave visible light. In fact, the pink colored lenses are like nude colored lenses, which don't protective as better as common lenses. But the psychological study found that 65% of women who wear pink lens sunglasses were more confident than usual. Your pink sunglasses are purely your psychological placebo, which you can wear when you are bored or in UV rainy days of light UV.
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