Sunglasses now become an indispensable part of

by:Fuqian     2020-06-24
Poor quality of sunglasses would bring harm That will affect the astigmatic axis, nose, development and amblyopia treatment effect on children, for young people it will affect the progress of myopia, while for adults will also affect the appearance and cause visual fatigue. 'In general, low-quality glasses without a license by the underground factory production, simple equipment, low cost, the price is particularly low.' He pointed out that in the lens material, poor quality optical resin matrix impurities, can cause visual distortion or dizziness. The dispersion effect is prone to cause visual fatigue. Internal adverse stress, poor impact resistance, brittle. Transmittance is low, the luminosity is unevenly distributed. The refractive index up to a standard of less than propaganda, exaggerated ultra-thin lenses. In addition, you can not UV protection or be able to prevent a small amount of ultraviolet light. Handled in the lens surface, inferior surface treatment is not good, no hard anti-spend. Coating technology, easy stripping. Mainly the film, anti-reflection low water, pollution, fog and other special features. Frame processing, low-quality glasses surface rough, the color gray. Poor plating technology, easy to bleaching. Welding technology, the solder joint is not strong, easy to sealing off. Hinges and threads are easily damaged. In terms of frame materials, poor quality glasses metal smelting process is poor, low purity, containing impurities, and may even contain harmful radioactive elements on the head, a large proportion of strong nose oppression, is not conducive to the development of children and adolescents nose Department. Elastic, brittle and easily broken. Surface gloss and color, poor corrosion resistance, rust, and easy to change. There is also prone to cause allergic skin irritation, soft, easily deformable. Although now over 50, my father is still full of personal charm. Sunglasses should be shaping fashion father's preferred items, but never too many. The right pair of sunglasses can usually suits filling the elegant and handsome father. The color tends to soft pop elements of the season sunglasses silver, matte silver, light golden frame sang lead. The major brands are in the details of the design of a new pursuit, fully embodies the male charm lenses and very gentle air of small lenses have different levels of innovation in style. In addition, sunglasses frames and lenses were strong contrasting colors for dads vibrant new choice. 'Set mirror' by the people of Shanghai in recent years a new type of sunglasses, which is characterized by the glasses and sunglasses in harmony with the 'cloned surgery' room for the practicability of the sunglasses was chosen greatly increased. Dads usually do not have the habit with contact lenses. Over the years, his spectacles on the bridge of the nose has been that they missed with sun glasses. Buy a pair of sunglasses for your father and that will be very in line with the season.
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