Sunny days, many reputed citizens started wearing

by:Fuqian     2020-06-20
It is reported, wuhan Edgar ophthalmic hospital for 50 online department recent 18-25 young surveys of consumers, the results showed that, in the selection of those wearing sunglasses, more than 80% of the people first consideration factors is design and price, more than 40 percent of people have a pair of sunglasses, 64 percent above the cheapest sunglasses have only 15-30 yuan. In addition, many young people ignore risk of injury, wearing fashionable eyesight but useless decoration sunglasses. According to the pharmaceutiacal market of hospital depends on the light RuanXiuFang introduction, streets, its sunglasses because it's cheap, yinde many people buy these products, they often because technology and material problem, not only cannot protect eyes and may actually make more uv into Thomas jewelry intraocular, serious when produce 'sunglasses syndrome', have headaches, be agitated, cannot long sight, the declining eyesight symptoms. Experts still reminds, glaucoma or glaucoma suspects crowd, children under 6 years old, amblyopia the patient and three people had better not to wear sunglasses. In addition, in buying sunglass, with the hand sunglasses feet to the fluorescent lamp, let the reflective mirror the gentle rolling. If found specular reflection of sun images appear wavy, distorted form, proof lens are not square, such lens can damage the eyesight. Summer ultraviolet ray is strong, sunglass must choose ultraviolet prevention. When buying, see the mirror surface or tags on specified that prevent UVA and UVB logo.
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