The disadvantage of polarized sunglasses outdoors

by:Fuqian     2020-04-11
There are a lot of sunglasses on the market now, and some with polarized light on their identity, many people will not understand polarizing sunglasses and what is the difference between not polarized? In fact, the difference is mainly on their function, then this article to introduce the disadvantage of polarized light outdoor sunglasses? Polarizer advantages and disadvantages 1, polarized sunglasses, according to the polarization of the light away from manufacturing, for example, when the sun shines on the road or on the water, direct stimulation of the eyes, make the eye feel dazzling, fatigue, not lasting vision, especially when you are driving a car, outdoor recreational activities, not only affects our work and entertainment, and even affect our judgment on the object and cause dangerous withstand direct sunlight for a long time, can also lead to vision fell sharply, the formation of myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism or cataracts, effects of the polarizer is effectively ruled out and filter the beam of the scattering light, can make the light axis into eyes visual image to the right track, make the vision clear natural, as the principle of shutter shade, a higher light into the indoor natural light is adjusted to make the scenery looks soft and not dazzling, but the disadvantage of polarizer is a single color, common for gray, gray green, dark brown, can't make the gradient effect, thus frame color also restricted, multi-purpose black, grey or dark blue as collocation, so beautiful degree than without polarizing sunglasses slightly less, the problem for men is not big, but for the girl is a serious drawback, generally girls prefer changing colors style sunglasses. 2, without polarizing sunglasses, qualified sunglasses are usually need to be able to filter out in the sun for more than 99% of ultraviolet ray, filter performance up to international standard requirements effectively block the function of the light, lens with standard optical arc bending design, forming optical optical axis and produce video. In addition to this is that it is for most people, especially women, have very good adornment features, different styles of sunglasses can have different impression, from this sense, the sunglasses more is a decoration, a lot of people more is to consider in choosing the sunglasses look doesn't consider the optical properties, it is not very good. 3, from the Angle of optical lens, light transmittance, namely the color shades to choose according to specific purposes, such as long time in the outdoor, suitable for deep color, and less outdoor activities, the choice lighter color, a gradient can also, is not appropriate to wear leads to easy to visual fatigue, headaches and other indications, and must choose a lens good quality sunglasses, without the disadvantage of polarized sunglasses is precisely the advantages of polarizer, this is at present can't do both. 4, from the function, the polarizer is more suitable for driving a car, the surface activity, such as snow reflected light and glare more occasions, especially to drive, with a polarizer to improve security in a certain extent, have myopia can consider with polarized lens or polarized clip, can solve a refractive in perfect both safety and comfort issues at the same time, and pay attention to adornment effect, more considered ordinary sunglasses, so choose sunglasses must understand what is your main purpose.
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