The driver how to choose a suitable for their polarized sunglasses?

by:Fuqian     2020-04-29
The driver glasses ( Driving glasses) Is made according to the principle of polarization of the light. When the sun shines on the road or on the water, direct stimulation of the eyes, make the eye feel dazzling, fatigue, can not be sustained. Especially when driving a car, not only affects our work and entertainment, and even affect our judgment on the object and dangerous; Night driving each other, to car high beam light can create a black ahead blind area, qualified night driving glasses will greatly reduce the high beam light into the glasses, so as to reduce directly in front of the blind area, achieve the goal of safe driving at night. Motor vehicle in high speed eye more serious under strong light glare and light pollution, such as strong sunlight, flash lamp, road opposite the night car headlights, car tail lights, advertising lights, neon lights; Eye strain is one of the important reasons causing heavier traffic accident, has become the driving light glare and uv killers in the eyes. The driver sunglasses principle: the driver glasses ( Driving glasses) Effects is effectively ruled out and filter the beam of the scattering light. Can make the light in eyes on track through optical axis of the visual image, make the vision clear. As the principle of shutter shade, light is adjusted to higher light into the interior, the natural scenery looks soft and not dazzling. Has the function of unique priority to eliminate glare has special effect to the drivers, driving fun can improve vision. Across the vehicle headlamps light direct illuminate can cause a similar to the human eye night blindness phenomenon and cause traffic accidents, night driving glasses will block the glare eye damage, reduce the accident rate. To eliminate 100% uv, can eliminate glare at the same time, the night driving safer. Also due to the particularity of the pilot, the glasses must also impact resistance, not easily broken to prevent the accident in the secondary damage to the eyes, so don't use general driving glasses fragile glass material, and resin, nylon and other materials should be used. Using PC bulletproof glass, in driver accident collision cases, the guardian eye safety, driver is the preferred driver glasses. Driver sunglasses to choose: select normal channels to buy quality goods, best to regular stores or online mall to buy. The driver of some hawkers selling glasses are very cheap, but often are fake fake products, not only has no polarization effect, even can't prevent ultraviolet ray, not only cannot protect eyes, instead affects visual effect. Driver glasses when choosing color, not too bright color. Gray, green, dark brown is a good choice to drivers, the driver of the grey lens for any chromatographic uniform absorption, effectively avoid color difference exists on the vision, also can alleviate visual fatigue. Tan driver glasses can filter out a lot of blue light, in addition can improve visual to intensity of illumination and clarity, in air pollution is serious, Such as dust) Or foggy in case wearing effect is good. And shallow blue, shallow pink glasses had better not choose the driver. If is not particularly strong ultraviolet ray, suggest not to wear the driver glasses. Cloudy day or the light is gentle don't driver and wearing glasses, because of insufficient light cause visual fatigue.
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