The French Open, established in 1891, is one of

by:Fuqian     2020-06-03
Roland Garros was a famous French aviator who lived from 1888 to 1918. Garros first gained fame for making the first non-stop flight across the Mediterranean Sea from France to Tunisia. When WWI broke out, Garros joined the French army where he helped in the development of aviator and war related innovation. Additionally, Roland Garros escaped from a German POW camp. But in 1918, he died in a plane crash. Today there are many locations in France named after Garros and, of course, The French Open remembers his name to this day. The French Open is the largest tennis event taking place on a clay-court. In 2012, E18,718,000 in prize money was up for grabs. The French Open crowns men's singles champions, men's doubles champions, women's singles champions, women's doubles champions and mixed doubles champions. The current men's singles champion is Rafael Nadal of Spain who has won the French Open seven times including four years in a row (2005-2008) and three years in a row (2010-2012). The current women's singles champion is Maria Sharapova, and Chris Evert from the USA holds the record for most French Open wins with seven. Another reason that The French Open is such a successful spectacle is that the event is held outdoor under the bright sun. Of course, this bright sun means that players and spectators alike need to think about using the best eyewear possible. Selecting the right lenses for glasses is a paramount concern for the players at The French Open. This is why so many players at The French Open wisely opt for polarized lenses. What are polarized lenses? Polarized lenses are a mainstay in many sports, as they reduce glare in an impressive fashion. This means that when it comes to lenses for glasses, polarized options allow for spectators and players alike to see the all the fast moving action with greater clarity. The end result of the enhanced vision afforded by polarized sunglasses is better play, more action and a more satisfying experience for all spectators. High quality eyewear, such as polarized Sunglasses Lenses, is not cheap, and that means you need to protect your investment. The Sunglass Fix makes it possible to quickly and easily replace your sunglasses lenses when they become scratched or damaged in any way. Select The Sunglass Fix and we'll ship you replacement lenses anywhere in the world. Shipping is always free and fast. Get the most out of your initial sunglasses investment by replacing your lenses when they are damaged instead of buying new glasses. You'll save money and time while helping the environment.
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