The mall to buy sunglasses should pay attention to what?

by:Fuqian     2020-04-10
At the store buying sunglasses, first of all we should to observe whether there is a sun glasses lens scratch, bubble, impurities, stripes, check the packing for the sun glasses, regular sunglasses should be marked with name, color, diameter, quality levels, production factory name and trademark, the mirror or tags are marked as both UVA and UVB rays and CE mark of sunglasses can ensure that block uv. When the sun glasses shop to buy glasses in the shop next to try to have the feeling of dizziness, headache. Now on the market there are some marked degree of myopia sunglasses for sale, but because of pd and other indicators vary from person to person, so if there is no guidance of professional personage, consumer is best not to choose this prescription sunglasses. Sunglasses with your hands two horns on the fluorescent lamp, let the mirror reflective article gently rolling, if it is found that mirror the daylight lamp shades appear wavy, twisted, prove that the lens is not flat, the mirror can damage eyesight. Check in time is in sunglasses shop sunglasses lens is smooth, transparent definition isn't enough, the sun glasses made of glass and resin, and the best sunglass lens polarized lens should be used. Can be divided into polarized lenses, TAC polarized lens, nylon polarized lenses, polarized lens CR39 resin, PC polarized lens) It USES as well as contact lenses and precision made of synthetic resin, synthesized from seven layer chip, and two coat of super hard wear-resisting layer. Second, six is shatterproof strengthening layer; The third and fifth layer is the uv filter layer, the middle layer is polarized filter layer. Polarized lens can effectively filter out reflected light and harmful uv rays, and resistant, wear, and other functions, is the most popular sunglasses. The colour of the sun glasses in addition to according to your own color, face, dress to match, also should choose according to in and out of place. In general, black, dark brown, grey filter effect is good; Grey lens for any chromatography can balance absorption, wearing glasses can see scenery will only after dark and do not have clear off color, Dark brown lens can filter out a lot of blue light, which can improve visual contrast and clarity, under the condition of air pollution is serious, or foggy wearing effect is a plus. The colour of sun glasses how depth degree is suitable for our customers? The simple self-test method is wearing sunglasses, in front of a mirror for can vaguely see the pupil of his limit. Color too shallow, filter function is too small; Color is too deep, affect vision and weaken the sense of color. Popular this year the colorful light of the sun glasses, do not use water activities at the beach, reflective snow and the sun is very strong sun, they should wear sports sunglasses, most of them adopt the saturated color of color is gorgeous, can absorb or reflect more visible light. Wearing sunglasses in addition to reduce glare, make the eyes comfortable outside, the main purpose is to prevent ultraviolet damage to the eyes, and whether the lens color and UV protection are two different things, even if the lens color deep, also won't be able to effectively prevent UV, UV resistant are marked so be sure to choose the lens. Usually sunglasses UV index at 96% 98%. General optical shop will have regular sunglasses uv resistance ability of the size of the instrument, through this test, you can know whether the hands of the glasses are helpful to you in the eye health.
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