The quality of sun glasses is analysed

by:Fuqian     2020-04-06
Extreme heat, and a pair of sunglasses can resist the dazzling sunshine, make the eye keep comfortable, a modelling chic sunglasses at the same time also can rise to decorate action, therefore, in recent years the sunglasses has gradually become one of indispensable items in summer. But many people only pay attention to the design of sunglasses, color and appearance quality, little is known about inherent quality requirements for the sunglasses, in order to avoid or reduce uv damage to the eyes, sunglasses should have following features and requirements: 1. Has a filter function in order to reduce the overall intensity of light, to prevent glare, too much to protect his eyes from the sun radiation, reduce eye fatigue, increase visual. 2. Selective through visible light component, block, block ultraviolet light and near infrared and other harmful ingredients, do not produce color deviation, not interfere with stereo vision. 3. Wear comfortable, beautify the appearance and manners. A good pair of sunglasses should not only have a shading effect, isolate the ultraviolet ray also must have the function of the, if wear dark sunglasses of the inferior quality goods, because of less sunlight stimulate pupil relaxation increase, if the lens cannot be separated in addition to ultraviolet light, will be easy to make the eyes absorb more ultraviolet ray, wearing sunglasses harmful, in short, the quality of the sunglasses is crucial.
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