The sun glasses correct selection method

by:Fuqian     2020-04-11
More young children's eyes and in the growth development period, outdoor activities, time grows, eye damage will be bigger. A picture of the sun glasses, uv damage to the eyes, also looks cool. So the question comes, types of children's sunglasses very much, priced at a few dollars to several thousand yuan. How to choose a suitable sunglasses for children? 1, the sun glasses off, adjustable elastic to bring to the success of the sun glasses to Eva's face is difficult, perhaps immediately pull down to you, even if you don't pull, children in the outdoor activity, run what are apt to slip. Can choose to have additional bind, to prevent slip glasses, also can adjust the firmness, let the sun glasses can joint face as far as possible. 2, and the size of the sun glasses, it is very important to the size of the face width of glasses are suitable for children, young children wearing will be uncomfortable and too big and wear instability, will add more burden to the bridge of the nose. If it is to the store to buy must let children try, if it is a online purchase, different brand of sunglasses have different models and sizes, require careful consultation service. 3, the sun glasses lens under the condition of same light, lens large better lens is too small, shading sex is not strong, can the children looked up, will be strong stimulation to eyes, oversized sunglasses, of course, the weight will increase accordingly. Under the condition of the same weight, nature is good buy lens more lenient. 4, the sun glasses buy polarized lens? Part of the children's sunglasses is polarized lenses, what is the polarized lens? Polarized lenses feature is what? What is the function of polarized lens? Is at the same time of blocking ultraviolet (uv), also can filter out most highlights or objects reflect light, such as water, glass, etc. The reflected light, to prevent dizziness, make the vision more clearly. Polarizer more expensive than ordinary sunglasses, baby daily outdoor activities in general is park, community, 100% of the average uv lens is ok, if children often to play in the snow or the sea bright place, can consider to buy a polariscope. 5, with eye disease of children with eye disease of children can wear sunglasses need to consult a professional eye doctor, if children myopia itself, can choose the glasses myopia and uv protection seal, or consult your doctor before you choose, of course. In fact as long as reasonable selection and use of sunglasses, not only affect children's eye vision, also can protect the eyes of children, reduce uv damage. Due to the lens of the eye in children than adults more clear, and the ultraviolet ray is easier to penetrate the lens to the retina, the most sensitive to the retina in macular area light damage, so compared to adults, children's eyes are more vulnerable to uv rays. In general, when choosing sunglasses for children, on the premise of to select qualified regular brand, priority should be UV defense performance, the key depends on whether glasses is '100% UV absorption' or 'UV400' label.
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