There is a rage of polarized sun glasses which

by:Fuqian     2020-06-16
Consider a number outdoor activities like skiing and other adventure sports. When you are involved in either of these activities, it is necessary for you to be completely aware of your surroundings. Glare enables you to notice and evade uneven surfaces, especially in ice, because of the light that is coming off it. The same logic also applies when you are driving. The glare created by the light that is reflected from other vehicles makes you subconsciously ware of where and how fast the other vehicles are. This allows the driver to take evasive actions automatically. In case you are driving by the sea side or by the riverside, this also helps you identify how far you are from the water. Now consider the case of pilots. Nearly all the planes that are in flight worthy conditions today are new enough to have come with LCD displays. In case you use polarized sunglasses, you will not be able to read a thing on these displays because the polarization tends to blur the way the LCD display looks. Obviously when in flight, you can not keep on taking the glasses off just to look at the instrument panel and put them back on after you are done. This means that for any new plane, polarized sunglasses are all but a trouble inducing gimmick. Moreover nearly all new planes and a number of new lad vehicles use a Heads Up Display or an HUD. Polarized sunglasses render the HUD useless. You are just not able to see what is being displayed unless you take the sunglasses off. This is again impossible and makes polarized sunglasses useless. In addition to this, when plots fly in a close formation, they rely a lot on the glare of other planes to maintain the formation. If the glare is cut off, maintaining the formation will become all but impossible. The risk of pilots ramming in each other will increase manifold. We are a sun glasses company with well established online presence and supply good quality sun glasses and sales accessories to retail sellers as well as end customers at prices that are truly affordable.
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