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by:Fuqian     2020-06-22
The burgeoning trend does not seem to look back and has caught on not only in retail stores because people are looking around to buy sunglasses online too. Why this beeline for sunglasses? Some say it is fatigue because women seem to have purchased more handbags than what they can store in their closets, whereas designer sunglasses still has some steam left when it comes to acquiring the prestige of a designer brand. Does this mean men are left behind in the race to reach out to the designer sunglasses' latest trends? No, not at all. Even men have embraced sunglasses and are driving up sales. Fashionable sunglasses have overtaken the watch that was men's pet fancy earlier. Unlike a watch, which gets covered by the shirt sleeve, sunglasses are highly visible gizmo gracing a man's face. Fashion aside, sunglasses are protective gear preventing your eyes from the harmful effects of UV radiation. Moreover, sunglasses vastly improve visual comfort during daytime by shielding the eyes from glare. But what is vitally important is the fact that eyewear must be safe. Consumer Protection The Australian government's consumer protection policy has the objective of ensuring that the consumer goods are safe for use. As regards eyewear, including designer sunglasses, the government's aim is to protect the eye health of Australians by ensuring the eyewear meets specified safety requirements. Consumers, on their part, need to be alert and conscious of what they buy in the market. Without adequate government regulations, it may not be easy to discriminate between eyewear graded as purely 'fashion spectacles' and products that offer high quality eye protection. As regards safety, consumers must be able to judge whether, * The lens actually absorbs UV radiation. Radiation transmission standards are important because consumers expect eyewear to eliminate harmful radiation. Solar radiation has three components; all harmful if the eyes are exposed to it in large quantities. First is the visible light that is least harmful, though implicated in the development of age related macular degeneration on long term exposure. * Second, infra-red radiation having wave length higher than visible light is also not much of an issue as protection against this radiation is required mainly by industrial workers exposed to high levels, such as molten metal. Third and the most harmful, however, is the UV radiation that has wave lengths shorter than visible light. High levels of exposure to UV radiation, quite common in Australia, are associated with hazards such as cataract and age related macular degeneration. * The coloration of glasses will enable them to see traffic signals clearly * The material of the lens are inflammable It is not easy to have clear cut answers to above as not even professional retailers can advise consumers correctly on the above issues. Manufacturers always make special claims with regard to designer sunglasses. As such, consumers need the right information so that they can make informed purchases. Fortunately for consumers, the Australian government sets out the basis on which manufacturers make special claims.
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