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by:Fuqian     2020-07-11
Best Designer Sunglasses for Your Nose, Eyes and Face Shape Face shape is usually what we go by when we are trying to find the best shades for our faces. It's a good rule of thumb to find a pair of shades that are the opposite of your faces shape. So, if you have a round face, go with a rectangular frame, if you have a square face, go with an oval shape, if you have a heart shaped face, go with frames that are wider on the bottom than on the top. Square frames go well with diamond shaped faces, and people with oblong faces should go with wrap around frames. These are the only tips to live by when purchasing the best shades for you. The length and shape of your nose also needs to be taken into account. Aviator sunglasses look great on many faces. But if you have a long nose already, these shades will make your nose appear even longer. Double bridge bars make designer sunglasses and spectacles sit much too close to the face, which makes the nose 'pop' out in appearance. Try thicker frames with nose pieces that allow the glasses to sit off the face a bit. If you have a long nose, it's best to keep the glasses from resting on the cheeks. The opposite is true for those with short noses. Find glasses that sit close to the forehead and bridge of the nose. The higher up the bridge the longer the nose will appear. When choosing designer sunglasses, it's also important to take the width of the eyes into consideration. If you have narrow eyes, don't wear heavy frames. This only makes your eyes look even closer together. People with wide set eyes are the only ones that should wear heavy frames. For narrow eyes, go for something that is rimless or light colored. Gold or silver frames are a good choice as well. Steer clear of color frames as well. These look best on those with wider eyes. Wide frames make those with close set eyes appear to have eyes that are even closer together. This makes the face seem unbalanced. A lot of people have eyes that are not even horizontally. Thin framed glasses or frameless glasses are good for these faces. Very light frames or crystal frames are a good choice. Very dark colors are not good for balancing the eyes to avoid emphasizing the eyes misalignment. To find reading glasses, designer sunglasses, contacts and more at steep discounts, go to They have a great selection on clearance and daily deals 7 days per week.
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