Types of frames

by:Fuqian     2020-04-03
Frames usually have many classification method, this chapter mainly analysis from the aspects of material, design is introduced. One, according to the current existing materials, common frame consists of plastic frame, metal frame and mixed. 1, plastic frame, Including the natural material) : plastic frame because of its light weight, not easy allergy, with many old people and children; Now has become a fashionable personage as a choice for sun glasses or decoration. Plastic frame is now mostly a double frame made of acetate resin, which made of laminated plastic will be a thin layer of color plastic paste on another layer of thick plastic made of thick material is transparent (more Or light) Pigment, also have use three layer or multilayer made of plastic. 2 metal frame: choose some kind of metal materials or metal alloy, copper alloy as substrate, and then on the surface treatment processing, often be gold plated, or with rhodium and palladium plating white or titanium plating. For electroplating process is different, some easy fade, not easy to fade. In addition to pure titanium frame, and made of memory alloy frame. Solid metal frame, light, beautiful, fashionable, variety. Basic metal frame with nasal, and nose can be activities, in order to adapt to the nose. Mirror foot often put on plastic covers at the end, not only beautiful, and protect the mirror feet and skin. 3 · composite frame: using metal and plastic to make frames. The frames have a plenty of the plastic bag with metal that some or all of the packages with celluloid; Others use different materials in different parts of the frame. Before the frame is plastic, the mirror is metal, or before the frame is metal, mirror feet for plastic; Some mixture of the above two ways, use plastic article eyebrow and bridge of the nose and the picture frame with stainless steel material, mirror feet in plastic bag with metal material. Hybrid modelling is exquisite, beautiful, give a person with elegant feeling, because of the outer plastic closely contact with the inner metal materials thus not burning, increased the strength of the frame. Second, according to the design points and common frame type mainly include the whole framework, half frame, frame, combination and folding frame. 1, the whole framework: it is now one of the most commonly used frame type, the characteristic is strong, easy to finalize the design, can cover the part of the lens thickness. , 2: nylon frame, with a fine nylon yarn as part of the frame, lens specially polished edge of the smooth, there is a narrow groove in lower limb, make the nylon insert groove, form a bottomless frame style, and weight is light, give a person the sense with light and chic, also more firmly. 3 · frameless: this kind of frame without lens ring, only metal bridge of the nose and the metal mirror feet, lens and the bridge of the nose and mirror feet are directly by the screw fastening, usually want to punch on the lens. Frameless more light than ordinary frames, chic, but strength is a bit poor. Box office before 4 combination frame: there are two lenses, one group can be turned on, usually in the form of indoor outdoor dual-use. 5 folding frame: frame can be folded into a forty percent or sixty percent, mirror to read more.
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