With so many companies offering top quality sunglasses

by:Fuqian     2020-06-19
Unbeatable in the world of sports accessories, Nike has created a unique position for itself in the market ever since its inception. Established in the year 1978 Nike has been skyrocketing in its performance and acclaimed fortune 500 companies. Low price and wide variety of models gives Nike sunglasses competitive edge over other major players operating in the market. In fact the growing popularity of this brand can be owed to Tiger Woods. Besides its popular sports wear, Nike also makes specific eyewear for people sporting. Nike sunglasses offer superior eye protection and are know to set their own standards in the world of eyewear. The line of sports eyewear offered by this brand ensures protection, durability and quality. Max lens technology used in the manufacturing of these glasses guarantees picture perfect view without any distortion in angle of view. Not only this the flying lenses and nose bridge ventilation reduces fogging. Thus they offer complete protection to your eyes. Nike sunglasses are low in price, practical in usage and have been specifically designed for people leading active lifestyles. Manufactured in Italy, Nike sunglasses are apt for people seeking action in their lives. This brand of sunglasses offers several models in it. Most popular among them are: Nike Odeon Swift- This is typically a sports wear featuring polycarbonate lens and nylon frames. These frames are available in different colors like matte black, mahogany red and iron. Although this pair of Nike sunglass is priced slightly higher than its other counterparts, it is worth the amount. Nike sunglass flywheel 3PC is another popular model that uses flex metal in order to facilitate free moments during athletic activities. Although polycarbonate lens is used here, you need not get your eye examined to purchase this pair of glasses. The ridged plastic used in this pair of glasses prevents perspiration from accumulating under the frames. The plastic used in this eyewear allows air circulation thus making it very comfortable for use. Skylon Exp Nike sunglass is another preferred choice that comes with variety of lens tint choices. Yellow, grey, brown and orange are some of the few options which buyers have while purchasing them. These colors act as anti glare agents and block light rays effectively. Hence they are highly used by pilots and fishermen. Most of the models available in Nike sunglasses target the utilitarian sports market and are priced less than $200. However, the latest model Nike Punk Jock has been inspired by Era of Blue Brothers movie and is purely stylish. These along with many other models of Nike sunglasses are available in the market. So if you are looking to lay your hands on one of these models visit your nearest Nike store or go online.
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