Wraparound sunglasses are the special sun wear

by:Fuqian     2020-05-22
The glare reflected from the surface sunlight of water always can be a serious problem for sailors. We know that the surface water stay in quite condition just like a mirror. When the parallel light irradiates the surface of the water, the reflected light will turn to be stronger. Moreover, The reflected light generates the glares that confuse people's normal identification and distort the light to some degrees. A pair of wraparound sunglasses which are made with the polarized lenses can filter out the extreme glare and reduce the strength of reflection light, enhancing the definition and sharpness of images. With the special function of wraparound sunglasses, it is frequently applied to driving and fishing. Thanks to the wraparound sunglasses, drivers can avoid the traffic accidents caused from glare, and fishers will see the float clearly on the surface of water. In fact, the polarized lenses are scientifically created to deal with the sunlight. Most of the time, it works like microscopic venetian blinds, gathering the light irradiate from different directions and reducing eye fatigue. The most significant function is that the glare resistance can reach 99.55%. Therefore, wraparound sunglasses with polarized lenses nearly can reduce most of glare from the harmful sunlight. Wraparound sunglasses also can also be made with the tinted lenses. The tinted option has not other specific function but only for decorating the lenses. The tinted wraparound sunglasses look mysterious and fashionable. The wraparound sunglasses always are tinted with the dark colors to provide our eyes the shield. All in all, these two characters of wraparound sunglasses make the wraparound sunglasses more useful.
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